Mgr. Kateřina Honová, DiS.

Physical Therapy Practitioner and Tutor

I am a licensed physical therapist with more than 16 years in the field. I specialize in disorders of musculoskeletal function, traumatology, and orthopaedics. I am certified in Professor Kolář's Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization technique, as a therapeutic physical education instructor by the Czech Ministry of Education, and as a tutor for AKRIS (the accredited educational programs of the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs).

I am a member of three professional societies in medicine and one in physical therapy. I speak at conferences and publish articles. In 2018, CPress published my book on post-accident and post-surgical rehabilitation of the knee (link and book in Czech).

My Story

In my work I try to combine top-notch education in physical therapy (Charles University 2nd School of Medicine, under noted physical therapist Prof. Kolář (link in Czech)) with experience as a tutor (how to explain things) and an aerobic and compensation exercise instructor (how to exercise properly). Bringing these worlds together allows me to deliver maximum benefit for my clients.

I also have plenty of rehabilitation experience as a patient. When I was 17, I fell off a horse and nearly had to have my leg amputated below the knee. As a result, I am very familiar with the patient's side of physical treatment, and it's one of the reasons I always work with a double dose of empathy.

Professional Activities

  • 52 specialized training courses in physical therapy and fitness training
  • 39 published articles in Czech and Slovak scientific and popular-science journals (Ortopedie, Rehabilitace a fyzikální lékařství, Medicina Sportiva Bohemica et Slovaca, Fyzioterapia, and others)
  • 29 lectures given at professional conferences
  • 10 self-developed one-day courses for physical therapists and social workers 
  • 1 published monograph, several e-books, an online course


Training Courses and Workshops

  • 2021: Musculoskeletal Examination in Athletes
  • 2021: ComplexCore – Musculoskeletal Screenings
  • 2020: New Discoveries in Scar Treatment and Basics of Visceral Therapy
  • 2020: Stabilization of the Shoulder and Hip Joints
  • 2019: Foot & Leg
  • 2018: Selected Physical Therapy Techniques and Their Use in Sports
  • 2018: Therapeutic Use of the CompreFloss Compression Band
  • 2018: Fit Pain Free – course and certificate
  • 2018: Diagnosis and Kinesiotherapy of Child and Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis 
  • 2017: Pelvic Floor on Two Legs
  • 2017: Kinesiological Analysis of the Athlete 
  • 2017: Naboso Flow; Run Injury Free
  • 2017: General Sports Education for Children 
  • 2017: Application Techniques in Physical Medicine
  • 2017: Fit Pain Free – workshop
  • 2017: Children's and Youth Fitness Trainer
  • 2017: Developmental Kinesiology in Fitness Training
  • 2017: Functional Movement Screen
  • 2016: Ground Force Method Instructor
  • 2016: Fitness Trainer
  • 2016: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), part D – final examination
  • 2016: Spiral Spine Stabilization – Football Specialty 
  • 2016: Kettlebell Workshop
  • 2016: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, part C
  • 2016: Functional Stabilization of the Scapula
  • 2015: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, part B
  • 2015: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, part A 
  • 2015: Core Level, part 2
  • 2014: Functional Activation of the Leg
  • 2014: Roller / Ball Mobility
  • 2013: Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. Part A. Lumbar Spine. (McKenzie)
  • 2013: Mojžíšová's Technique for Rib Mobilization
  • 2012: Cascading Musculoskeletal Disorders and the Vertebrovisceral Relationship
  • 2012: TRX Suspension Training Workshop
  • 2012: Trampies Workshop
  • 2012: Functional Disorders of the Temporomandibular Joint 
  • 2012: Kinesiotaping
  • 2012: Flexi-Bar Basic
  • 2011: SM System. Spiral Spine Stabilization – part A
  • 2011: Flowin Core
  • 2011: Segmental Differentiation and Activation of Sensorimotor Function Using PROPRIOFOOT CONCEPT® Balance Mats
  • 2011: BOSU® Rehab
  • 2011: BOSU® Core
  • 2011: Using the Bosu Modern Fitness Style in Physical Therapy 
  • 2011: Dorn Technique
  • 2010: Info – Vojta Technique
  • 2008: Soft and Mobilization Techniques
  • 2007: Activating the Musculoskeletal System Through Developmental Kinesiology Positions Using the Principles of the Brunkow Technique – advanced course
  • 2007: Working with Neutral Structures on the Basis of the Maitland Concept 
  • 2007: Brunkow Technique
  • 2007: Spinal Stabilization
  • 2006: Musculoskeletal Pain Projection
  • 2006: Anti-Block System (ABS) Massage
  • 2006: Cupping Massage