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Chair on a Spring: We've Tested Balancing Chairs in All-Day PC Work

18 April 2019 - The editors of the popular computer e-magazine Živě.cz tested Adaptic and competing spring-mounted chairs. While the review debates the value of the healthy sitting concept, their test results do show that tilting-seat chairs are beneficial. The review includes videos as well.

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Adaptic Therapeutic Chairs Win Independent Physical Therapist Test

18 March 2019 - A Slovak summary of the FYZIOklinika test of Adaptic and Spinalis therapeutic chairs published by

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How to Get Rid of Back Pain: Adaptic Therapeutic Chair Test

22 February 2019 - The editors of the Czech business e-magazine have tested the Adaptic Evora Plus. After four weeks of use, their tester reports disappearance of back pain acquired on previous office chair.

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Adaptic Therapeutic Chairs Win Independent Test

An Adaptic therapeutic tilting-seat chair takes the top spot in a test performed by physical therapy experts from FYZIOklinika, Prague, CZ. A summary of its performance against competitor Spinalis was published in the Czech News Agency e-newspaper České

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Over One-Third of Czechs Suffer from Back Pain: Is Sedentary Lifestyle to Blame?

24 January 2019 - Half the Czech population sit at least 6-8 hours a day, says recent STEM/MARK survey. 36% of all Czechs suffer from chronic back pain which they attribute to sitting, while only 34% believe their chair is adequate for health needs.

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How Comfortable Is Your Chair?

24 January 2019 - Mladá fronta Dnes, the Czech Republic's most-read newspaper, comments that employers are offering more benefits than ever before and emphasizes that, in their view, healthy sitting is essential for office job satisfaction. It has become popular for employers to allow employees to choose their own desks and chairs. The article cites a recent survey of the Czech population, according to which one third of all Czechs believe their chair is inadequate to their health needs, and another thirty percent admit to being ill-informed on the topic, despite the general consensus being that a sedentary lifestyle may affect health and that related health problems are becoming more common.

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Sedentary Office Work Is Almost as Bad For Your Health as Manual Labor

13 December 2018 - An article on the major Czech news server iDnes cautions that half the Czech population lack sufficient exercise. Combined with poor work conditions, this may lead to serious health problems. What's your situation? Do you know how to improve it?

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Do You Know How to Sit to Avoid Ruining Your Health at Work?

14 November 2018 - Generally speaking, a standard office chair is acceptable for a one-hour meeting with a client and an ergonomic chair can be used long-term for four hours a day. But if your work involves all-day sitting, you should use a tilting-seat therapeutic chair like ours. Learn in this article in the popular Czech e-magazine EURO how to sit to avoid ruining your back at work.