Adaptic Reviews

Thomas B. Brugg, Switzerland

Let me inform you that yesterday I have received my new Evora Plus chair. Delivery with tracking number was perfect, assembling the chair was easy. It took me few moment to get familiar to sit on the cushion but now I love the new feeling of sitting on the chair. The chair looks good and is of excellent quality.

Thanks a lof for your support and making it possible to receive your chair in Switzerland. I will definitely recommend the chair to friends who intend to buy a new chair.

Kind regards


100 % ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Romana Junková Charles University in Prague 2nd School of Medicine, Medical Research Department, Motol University Hospital | Prague, Czech Republic

My Adaptic chair found me at just the right moment. My office back was screaming for a radical solution. After many years getting bent out of shape on standard office chairs, the right support was definitely needed. So I took the decision, and it turned out to be one of the best calls I've made recently. Of course, I didn't just impulse-buy. I started by searching the Internet, reading up and comparing offers. It helped that I could take the chair for a few days' trial, and the uncommonly pleasant attitude of the staff made an impression as well. In the end, the decision to invest this much in my health paid off. Evora has become a good friend. We spend all day together in the office, and it's good times. I'm thankful to her for helping me to sit properly, getting rid of my sore back, and exercising my deep core stability muscles with me. Step by step, at my own pace. It's not a substitute for regular exercise; that's just something you have to do if you hope to keep a healthy back. But my Evora is still a useful guide and helper in my sedentary work. She provides me with as much comfort as possible and allows me to sit just the way I need to at the moment. Whether that means active sitting on the spring seat, or a posture where it doesn't move around so much and allows me to relax. It is nice to come to the office every morning knowing that there's a reliable buddy waiting to make my day a little better.

100 % ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Lenka Füssiová Prague, Czech Republic

Congratulations on a great product and a professional staff. I incidentally had an opportunity to try an Adaptic chair in a physical therapist's waiting room. I had never seen a chair so healthy yet comfortable before. After a short phone consultation with your staff, I bought one for myself. It arrived in two days, as promised. I'm happy to recommend this chair to basically anyone, for home or office use. I like the dynamics of the thing. The omnidirectional tilting seat, and smoothly adjustable arm- and headrest make it more or less impossible to get a stiff neck, legs or feet. It's certainly one of those small things that make your day better, healthier and more fun.

Thank you!

100 % ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Eliška S. Senior Clinical Researcher | Prague, Czech Republic

It's awesome to sit on, even sitting 10 hours a day I have no back aches at all. I'm thrilled :-) Compared to the chair I used to have, it's no contest. I think part of it is the size - my old chair was probably too big for me. But the main reason is definitely the balancing seat. I thought at first it might be annoying, but it's actually very pleasant. The chair is easy to handle, too. In short, amazing.

All the best :-)

100 % ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Martina Krátká Accountant | Liberec, Czech Republic

I got this chair on recommendation from a colleague. I used to complain at the office of my sore back when I finish my work late at home, until she showed me this therapeutic chair website. The price staggered me a little at first, but it was definitely worth it! An effective investment in your health is worth the money!

100 % ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Jan Procházka Design Engineer | Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

When my wife first brought up this therapeutic chair advert, I said, whatever, buy it. When she mentioned the price, I thought she was crazy. I really did - we don't need to count every penny, and the chairs in the office cost a few thousand koruna apiece, but a five-figure price seemed a bit much. My wife is not a quitter, though - she kept bringing up a variety of healthy-sitting articles, expert reviews, customer testimonials off the Internet... Eventually, I decided to think of it as an investment. My wife is a work-from-home accountant; she enjoys her work but often had to go lie down midway through on account of severe back pain. So I got her the Adaptic as a Christmas present. I occasionally sat on it myself, then I got used to it and started hogging it for leftover office work - and today, we each have our own.

100 % ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Lucie Hlavatá Manager | Brno, Czech Republic

This one time, my employer authorized a pretty generous budget for office improvement. I look for a worthwhile use for the money and came across a healthy sitting article. It described me perfectly. I'm department manager, and although I spend quite a lot of time in the field, I still sit six or more hours a day; a lot more when we're finishing a project. Over the last year, I had been getting frequent back pain. So, for a month now I've had a gorgeous green Evora Plus in the office, and although it hasn't been that long yet, I'm really happy with it and, unless I'm imagining it, my sore back has gone away completely.

100 % ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Tomáš Bartoš IT Specialist | Prague, Czech Republic

As an IT expert, my work basically consists of two positions: Either crawling around on the ground plugging in cables, or sitting at the desk staring at a screen. I've always been worried about my eyesight, but instead I got rather severe back trouble this winter. Since then, I've become a gym regular, and on my physical therapist's recommendation, I also got an Adaptic chair. I feel reborn. It took a while to get used to, but now I wouldn't want anything else!