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Headache - cervicocranial syndrome


I've been working from home since last year and have had chronic headaches. It's gotten so I had to seek medical help; my doctor diagnosed me with cervicocranial syndrome last month. My rehabilitation therapist recommended adjusting my workspace. Can you tell me how? 


appointing a home office usually involves some degree of compromise. What you definitely shouldn't compromise on is a quality chair with adequate support for your spine and head, which doesn't cause spinal muscles to slacken or overload neck muscles. 

Other than that, set your screen to eye height. Long-term work on laptops causes poor posture, with head too far forward and increased chest kyphosis (forward curve of the spine). This posture aggravates muscle imbalances that may eventually lead to the cervicocranial syndrome you mention. Also, get up regularly to stretch - your rehab therapist will surely teach you some exercises, or you can find them here on our website.

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