Strengthens back and abdominal muscles

Adaptic Evora Plus PPPP zdravotní židle

Adaptic therapeutic chairs allow activation of the deep core stability muscles of the spine (DCSM – see previous item), as well as muscles of the back and abdomen. The use of all appropriate muscles allows maintaining optimal posture for static load. With these muscles active, the spine curves naturally and the individual vertebrae and discs are evenly loaded.

Such optimal posture is only possible with many muscles working together. Using only a series of long muscles would eventually lead to deformation of the spinal segments. To properly stabilize the spine, short deep muscles must work in concert with long surface muscles. These muscles include the deep muscles of the back, the diaphragm, and pelvic and abdominal muscles. Together, these muscle groups support the abdominal cavity and help maintain optimal abdominal pressure.

Dysfunction of the DCSM is among the leading causes of back pain. Spinal segments (vertebrae) lack adequate support or are supported in sub-optimal positions, leading to chronic overloading and inadequate muscle support of the spine during movement, under static load, and against external forces. Muscles in a particular region of the body generally work together as a group, and dysfunction in one of them usually makes the entire muscle group dysfunctional. Proper function of the muscles of the back and abdomen is thus essential for posture. Adaptic chairs feature tilting seats, which allow activation and exercise of back and abdominal muscles, supporting healthy posture and protecting the spine.