Straightens hunched back

Adaptic Evora Plus LZPP zdravotní židle

Long-term sitting with hunched back (effectively all standard and ergonomic office chairs) increases the stress on spinal discs, as the weight of the torso is not symmetrically distributed. The anterior (front) part of the disc is under more pressure than the posterior (back) part, eventually tending to compress the disc into a wedge shape and overload the ligaments that help stabilize the disc. The core of the disc tends to shift position, which may cause pressure on nearby nerves. Sitting on office chairs which only allow a hunched posture thus may lead to damage to spinal discs. Adaptic chairs feature spring-mounted seats that can tilt axially (forward and back) and laterally (to the sides) to adapt to the movement of the pelvis. This allows the spine to assume its natural S-shape, which is optimal for a sitting posture and reduces stress on spinal discs. Adaptic therapeutic chairs help activate the supporting muscles of the spine, stabilizing the spinal column and allowing it to maintain its natural shape.