Relieves lumbar pain

Adaptic Evora Plus LP zdravotní židle

Adaptic tilting seats adjust to the movements of your lumbar and pelvic areas, enabling various musculoskeletal functions: The spine maintains an S-shape, which is optimal for the wedge-like profile of the vertebrae. This relieves the stress on vertebrae and spinal discs, a common cause of lumbar pain. A variety of back muscles take the load off the spine itself, preventing its overstressing. When tilting forward, the lumbar load is also reduced. On a standard office chair, bending forward over the desk means bending from the waist, which places undue stress – up to 200 kg specific pressure – on the L5 through S1 vertebrae, which is likely to cause lumbar pain. Adaptic chair seats dynamically tilt forward, which allows the lumbar muscles to slide under the spine and reduce the pressure by more than half. Together, these features help reduce pain in the lumbar and surrounding areas.