Releases stiff neck

Adaptic Evora Plus LPPP zdravotní židle

The leading causes of cervical spinal pain are static overload and muscle imbalance. This can happen after several hours sitting on a static-seat office chair, where the spinal erector muscles become fatigued and posture deteriorates to a hunchbacked state with the head jutting forward. This leads to overloading of the cervical spine, causing sudden-onset pain. Poor posture may result not only from standard office chairs, but some ergonomic chairs as well. Persistent dull ache in the neck with shooting pains in the shoulders or shoulder blades, as well as reduced mobility of the cervical spine, are common symptoms of vertebrogenic pain syndrome, which may lead to long-term deterioration of head posture. Long-term sitting on office chairs can thus have fairly serious adverse effects.

With the Adaptic tilting seat, the spine bends naturally into an S-shape, distributing load effectively along its entire length, with shoulders back and head straight. This reduces the strain on trapezoid muscles and relieves cervical spine overloading. This posture does not cause musculoskeletal blocking or a stiff neck, as the cervical spine is not under excessive strain.