Prevents scoliosis

Adaptic Evora Plus PZPP zdravotní židle

Scoliosis is a sideways deformation of the spine consisting of rotation of the vertebrae or their shifting to the side. The result is an unphysiological spinal curvature preventing the attainment of proper posture, commonly leading to pain primarily in the lumbar area and neck. In severe scoliosis, pain tends to manifest mainly when sitting or walking. Various muscles become overstrained and painful symptoms may increase over time. Scoliosis has two basic stages – functional and structural. In functional scoliosis, the spinal deformation is not yet permanent and can be rectified with physical therapy. Eventually, functional scoliosis will become structural as vertebrae deform and rotate. One way to prevent aggravation of scoliotic features of the spine is to improve the muscle support of the torso, such as with active sitting on an Adaptic therapeutic chair. The tilting spring-mounted seat of an Adaptic chair allows for both spiral and vertical stabilization and strengthens back and abdominal muscles, helping prevent scoliosis or reduce the severity of certain existing cases.