Mgr. Vojtěch Šenkýř

Physical Therapist, Brno University Hospital, Czech Republic

Adaptic therapeutic chairs allow balancing micromotions on the seat, activating deep core stabilizing muscles (i.e., certain muscles of the back and abdomen, the pelvic floor and diaphragm) and eliminating the passive nature of normal sitting.

Žena sedí na židli Adaptic z profilu
Adaptic chairs allow natural pelvic tilt and maintaining a straight spine

Thanks to their tilting, spring-mounted seats, these chairs do for posture what an exercise ball does, but with the advantage of a natural rest position using the arm- and backrest. Unlike on a ball, the user can relax while still maintaining a straight posture and moderate core muscle activity. On the ball, the only relaxed position is a hunched one, while on a normal chair the resting position is passive. On an Adaptic chair, the unique advantage is core muscles staying slightly active even when resting, thanks to the tilting seat. 

The tilting seat allows natural pelvic tilt and straight spinal posture. Combined with balancing motions and muscle activity, this reduces the negative mechanical effects on spinal discs seen in the static posture on a typical office chair.

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