Adaptic group of authors

We are the Adaptic in-house healthy sitting team. We develop new Adaptic therapeutic products and help customers choose the right one for them.

Expert articles are written with the support and supervision of experts in physiotherapy, movement and musculoskeletal medicine.

Adaptic as a brand

Adaptic: Czech Manufacturer of Therapeutic Chairs Recommended by Physicians and Physical Therapists 

Adaptic therapeutic chairs are made in the Czech Republic primarily for office and home office workers who want to prevent back pain. In 16 years of healthy sitting research and development, the company has tested numerous engineering solutions for its signature tilting seat. The end result is the current design of Adaptic chairs, which has gained the approval of physicians and physical therapists and demonstrated measurable health benefits in the company’s study.

The key element of Adaptic chairs is the spring-mounted tilting seat, which allows deep core stabilizing muscles to remain active and a healthy seated posture to be maintained in the long term.