Romana Junková

Charles University in Prague 2nd School of Medicine, Medical Research Department, Motol University Hospital | Prague, Czech Republic

My Adaptic chair found me at just the right moment. My office back was screaming for a radical solution. After many years getting bent out of shape on standard office chairs, the right support was definitely needed. So I took the decision, and it turned out to be one of the best calls I've made recently. Of course, I didn't just impulse-buy. I started by searching the Internet, reading up and comparing offers. It helped that I could take the chair for a few days' trial, and the uncommonly pleasant attitude of the staff made an impression as well. In the end, the decision to invest this much in my health paid off. Evora has become a good friend. We spend all day together in the office, and it's good times. I'm thankful to her for helping me to sit properly, getting rid of my sore back, and exercising my deep core stability muscles with me. Step by step, at my own pace. It's not a substitute for regular exercise; that's just something you have to do if you hope to keep a healthy back. But my Evora is still a useful guide and helper in my sedentary work. She provides me with as much comfort as possible and allows me to sit just the way I need to at the moment. Whether that means active sitting on the spring seat, or a posture where it doesn't move around so much and allows me to relax. It is nice to come to the office every morning knowing that there's a reliable buddy waiting to make my day a little better.

100 % ★★★★★ ★★★★★