Can I Try an Adaptic Chair Before Buying It?

Certainly, you can try any Adaptic therapeutic chair before you make a purchase decision.

Different models of our chairs are suitable for different body builds and sizes. We definitely recommend trying the chair you're considering before buying it. This can potentially save you the trouble of getting a different-size piston or a whole different chair.

Visit Our Showroom

Simply find the nearest of our showrooms that has the model you're interested in on display. We're doing our best to spread our showrooms throughout the Czech Republic to save you a long drive.

Our Contacts page lists the addresses, business hours, models on display and parking options of all our showrooms. You can also display a navigation-enabled map of each location.

Take Advantage of Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason you find your new chair not to your liking, or you need a different size or model, you can return it within up to 30 days of purchase, giving you ample time to test the chair at home.

Before potentially coming in to return a chair, we recommend contacting us first. We'll try to help you pin down what exactly about the chair you don't like, and suggest alternative products. Oftentimes, it turns out the chair had just been improperly set, which we can easily help you rectify. You can also read our article on properly configuring your Adaptic chair. [pp: AJ link není]

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